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Money Transfer

Whatever your reasons for sending money overseas, we want to help make your transfer experience as seamless as possible.

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Personal Finance

What’s your goal for your bank account? Here’s where you can find the guides to planning your financial future.

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Make your next trip an easy and enjoyable one by brushing up on our tips to make your international travels go smoothly.

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Start strong in this new chapter of your life with everything you’ll need to know for a move overseas.

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Studying Abroad

No need to let stress get in the way of your studies. We’ve got all the information for you to enjoy your time abroad.

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Navigate your business’s foreign exchange needs with ease with our guides to corporate money transfer and FX.

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Currency Data

News about Xe's Currency Data API.

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Currency News

The markets are always moving. Here’s where you can get the latest updates on the status of major global currencies.

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Xe News

From new products and services to company announcements, here’s what’s new at Xe.

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